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Campaign Seeks to Close The Digital Divide

The California Emerging Technology Fund launched a public awareness program the group says will help close the “Digital Divide” by breaking down barriers that prevent Californians from accessing high-speed Internet access. The technology fund unveiled the “Get Connected” campaign at the Boyle Heights Technology Youth Center in East Los Angeles. It will target disadvantaged and rural communities statewide that are lagging behind in accessing the social, information and economic benefits of high-speed, broadband connectivity. “In Los Angeles alone, a city defined by media, entertainment and innovation, 52 percent of households do not have broadband connections because of disabilities, language barriers, poverty and, in some cases, a simple fear or misunderstanding of technology,” said technology fund President and CEO Sunne Wright McPeak. Get Connected! will provide hands-on, interactive Community Connect Fairs statewide, a multi-lingual Web portal for new broadband users at www.getconnectedtoday.com and www.conectatehoymismo.com and multi-lingual TV and radio commercials in English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese and Vietnamese. Eric Billingsley

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