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Taking Your Career Global By: Robbyn Roush “It’s a small world after all” is not only one of Walt Disney’s Most famous anthems, it’s a real theme song in the business world. The boundaries between countries and continents are continuously disappearing. To be successful you need to became more aware of opportunities that are not just outside the door, but possibly across the street and around the corner. Does your career have international possibilities? Could you compete in the global job market right now? Many companies have gone international to compete in the global marketplace by adding new markets. They must find employees who can perform effectively under different and changing circumstances. The four hottest careers to take international are marketing, business administration, finance and purchasing. Where do you fit? Marketing encompasses many diverse career opportunities that require specialists on an international level. ? Advertising must and culturally correct ? Market specialists and translators are needed who understand culturally-specific communication ? Professionals experienced in relationship marketing are needed for work in Latin America and Asia where it’s the Business norm Business professionals must be familiar wit a host of different legal requirements. ? Knowledge of importing and exporting is crucial to comply with international laws, patents and licensing International finance complicated by the many different currencies and laws involved. ? Corporate treasurers and international cash manager must have added skills for such needs as showing money invested in foreign banks on the company’s annual reports. ? limitations for taking and investing money outside the country requires special expertise. ? Purchasing also requires employees knowledge able of import and export laws purchasing managers, buyers and payment analysts must be familiar with laws governing their particular type of business. If you’re currently working in a business field, you can build upon your basic career foundation by taking continuing education courses to update your skills and knowledge. This will help improve your marketability, especially if you plan to take you career international. Being able to communicate, read and write in a second language instantly increases your value in the international marketplace. Continuing education provides courses which help you gain those skills or refresh the skills which haven’t been used in awhile. As organizations compete globally, employees assigned to work in, or market in, other countries must be familiar with the area’s business practices, laws and customs. Everyone has special skills that make them valuable to an international company. Some individuals just haven’t discovered what those skills are. Courses through continuing education provide information that can help analyze skills and competencies on different levels as they relate to the global marketplace. Begin with three important personal skill levels: organizational, personal/strategic and action planning. Once you have defined your capabilities at each level you can begin to redefine your career path in the direction that best fits you. On the organizational level, focus in on project planning and administration critical event management, global communications and information retrieval. A personal skills analysis should include the areas of leadership, presentation skills and abilities to build and maintain alliances. Designing and implementing an action plan that works on a global level, without having to design a separate one for each country being dealt with, is also an important and valuable attribute for the international professional. To make the most of your career, put yourself in a position where you can take charge of where you want to go, and when. Global careers can be educational, adventurous and exciting. You’ll have opportunities to travel, learn about different cultures, and improve your understanding of the shrinking world around us. As a professional, become more aware and open to the idea of doing business in a “small world.” There are opportunities around every corner, across every street, and outside every door. Robbyn Roush works in the Marketing Department at UCSC Extension in Silicon Valley.

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