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Circuit City Deepens Discounts

Shoppers will notice lower prices on some discounted items at Circuit City stores as the chain continues to liquidate its inventory as it goes out of business. Beginning Jan. 29, televisions will be discounted by 20 to 25 percent and car audio products will be discounted by 40 percent. Scott Carpenter, executive vice president and director of operations with Great American Group, one of four companies handling the liquidation, advised shoppers who want to take advantage of the discounts to arrive at Circuit City stores early. Since the clearance sales started on Jan.17, more than $450 million of Circuit City’s $1.7 billion of inventory has been sold. Because sales have been better than expected, Great American anticipates that it should take just four or five more weeks to clear out the inventory rather than the eight originally anticipated. Read more about Great American and its role in the Circuit City liquidation in the Feb. 2 issue of the Business Journal

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