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City of Burbank Issues First Tobacco Retailers License

The city of Burbank has issued its first tobacco retailers license under a new ordinance requiring all tobacco sellers to have a Burbank Tobacco Retailers License. Amayak Tarkhanyan, owner of the A to Z Service Station at 2005 N. Glenoaks Blvd., was the first person to sign up for the license under the new ordinance. The Burbank City Council studied a proposal to implement a Tobacco Retailers License for three years. In March, the council members voted unanimously to pass the ordinance. As of July 1, all Burbank retailers who sell tobacco or tobacco-related products will be required to have a license. The purpose of the license is to prevent children under age 18 from purchasing tobacco products. If a retailer is caught selling tobacco products to children under 18, their license can be suspended or revoked. The cost of the license is $200 per year, with an application fee of $35. There are more than 50 cities and counties in California that have similar licensing requirements.

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