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Cooking up an electoral treat

If Sen. Barack Obama had only to worry about the cookie- eating electorate in Glendale, the stress of his presidential campaign might be a lot lighter. According to a presidential cookie poll Porto’s Bakery started Sept. 20, Obama is ahead by 181 votes. The thoroughly unscientific survey gauges where customers stand on the presidential race based on whether they buy a cookie featuring the Democratic Party’s donkey mascot or the Republican Party’s elephant. Each butter cookie is hand-dipped in red and blue Belgium white chocolate and has white stars darting through the middle. With fewer than 40 days to go until a historic election pitting two unprecedented presidential tickets against each other, political fever has swept the nation. advertisement Television-watching parties were held around the region during the first presidential debate Friday night, and rallies for and against Obama and his opponent Sen. John McCain are a regular occurrence around Southern California, particularly when each visits the region. For full story visit: http://www.burbankleader.com/articles/2008/10/04/business/blr-portos01.txt

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