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Council Moves On Uncollected Bills

Los Angeles would create a new position to oversee the collection of unpaid bills in a motion brought Friday by City Councilmember Wendy Greuel. The “Collections Sheriff,” as the position is being called, will follow-up and enforce collections and write-offs. The motion asks that the City Administrative Officer, the Chief Legislative Analyst, the Controller and the Office of Finance evaluate creating the position and report back in 30 days. The issue of the city not collecting on unpaid bills was brought to the council by the Valley Industry & Commerce Association whose members have testified before the Audit and Government Efficiency Committee and the full council and has met with individual council members. Collecting even a small percentage of the unpaid bills would help reduce the city’s deficit and prevent cuts in staff and services, said Mel Kohn, chairman of VICA’s Audit Sub-Committee. In June 2007, City Controller released a report finding that the city had not collected on $502 million in bills through 2006. Some of the bills dated back more than five years, the report said.

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