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In today’s “information-age” environment of internet purchasing, credit card fraud causes more financial headaches than ever before. Compiled below are twenty practical tips to avoiding credit card-related crimes being committed at your expense. 1) Protect your card as if it were cash. 2) Save your receipts and compare them with your monthly statement. 3) Keep a record of account and phone numbers for reporting lost or stolen cards. 4) Only give your card number over the phone if you have initiated transaction. 5) Do not write your card number on any check. 6) Do not reveal personal information when using your credit card. 7) Check your carbons and tear them up. 8) Avoid putting your card payment into your home mailbox, where thieves look for such information. 9) Report lost or stolen cards and suspicious activity immediately. 10) Know who has access to your card. 11) Do not leave cards unattended at your workplace. This is where most credit card thefts occur. 12) Do not leave your card in a vehicle. A high proportion of cards are stolen from vehicles. 13) Make sure it is your card that is returned to you after a purchase. 14) Sign or destroy your card as soon as you receive it from the credit card company. 15) Carry your card separately from your wallet, if possible. 16) Try to keep an eye on your card after you hand it over to a clerk or waitress. 17) Notify your issuers of any change of address before you move. 18) Guard your PIN! Make sure it is not similar to information found in your wallet. 19) Draw a line through any blank spaces above the total so that charges cannot be added. 20) Do not sign blank charge slips.

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