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Credit Union Adds Internet Banking to List of Services

Chatsworth-based Telesis Credit Union has announced that its members can do their banking and bill-paying via the Internet. With a new product called “e-branch,” members have the ability to access all of their accounts, pay bills to virtually anyone, transfer funds, make and review bill payments, download history to Quicken or Microsoft Money and more ,- using a computer and the Internet.. “Home banking and electronic bill pay services gives all of our members, including business members, the greater control and convenience they demand from their financial institution,” said John Bretthauer, Telesis Credit Union’s Business Services Manager. “We want to provide maximum flexibility, and easy-to-use technologies so our members can have anytime, anywhere access. Best of all, we’re delighted that we can provide e-branch at no cost!” “Our goals are to provide members with all the advantages of modern technology, while enabling them to maintain comfortable relationships with bankers they know and trust,” Bretthauer said. “With e-branch, we’ve done both. Plus, at Telesis Credit Union, we understand how business banking works. We know that building a business takes effort. Even when your business is successful, staying on top can leave you with little time or energy for anything else. Finding the right financial institution to assist you with your financial needs can make a significant difference. Our Business Banking options give you access to all of the cash management, investing and financing services you need in one convenient place.” Renee Carlson is with Telesis Credit Union. For more information, call (800) 895-8328.

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