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DeYoung Announces Run for Assembly Seat

Assemblyman Bob Blumfield will face at least one opponent in the 2010 Election, in the person of Northridge resident and certified financial planner, Dennis DeYoung. DeYoung announced his candidacy with a press release that stated his reason for running as a “dire need of dedicated community representatives…instead of politicians who have failed to represent their districts with honesty and dignity. DeYoung is currently president of the Northridge West Neighborhood Council, board member of the North Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce, in addition to owning a Northridge-based financial planning firm. “As a volunteer in our community I have seen first-hand how the decisions passed down from the State Assembly in Sacramento have impacted the San Fernando Valley,” DeYoung said. “As your next state assemblyman, I will work to hold our politicians accountable and to pass common sense policies to benefit San Fernando Valley Residents and all Californians.” DeYoung is a Republican, and is running on a traditional “no-new-taxes” party platform. Thom Senzee

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