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Disney Snuffs Out Film Smoking

The Walt Disney Co. will eliminate smoking in its Disney-branded films the first major studio to make such a move, according to news reports. Reuters and the Financial Times reported that Disney Chairman Robert Iger said in a letter to U.S. Rep. Edward Markey that Disney will also discourage depictions of smoking by its Miramax and Touchstone film divisions. The letter also stated that Disney will add public service announcements to DVDs of future films containing smoking and work with theater chain owners to show anti-smoking announcements before the start of films, the news reports said. Markey is the chairman of the House sub-committee on telecommunications and the Internet. The committee conducted hearings last month on the effects of movie images on children. The move by Disney follows by two months an announcement by the Encino-based Motion Picture Association of America hat the glamorizing of smoking will be considered when a rating is given to feature films.

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