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Call for SuperScoopers We at the Valley Industry and Commerce Association urge the L.A. City Council to support a resolution calling on the State of California to begin acquisition of the CL-415 SuperScooper aircraft similar to those now used on a temporary basis by the Los Angeles County Fire Department. We believe such action is important to the safety of lives, homes and businesses throughout the state, and especially here in Southern California. Many fire experts are predicting that we soon will face extremely serious fire danger due to the warmer and drier arrival of La Nina. A proposal has been prepared for the state to begin acquiring these aircraft to replace the more-than-40-year-old, highly dangerous smaller planes now mostly sitting on the ground in the California Department of Forestry fleet. Action needs to be taken promptly to prepare our state for the fires of the coming summer and next century. BONNY L. HERMAN President Valley Industry and Commerce Assn.

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