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ENVIRONMENTAL HOME SHOPPING COMES TO THE WEB Thanks to cable television, home shopping has been a considerable force in retail now for nearly two decades. With the internet’s explosion in popularity over the last several years, savvy retailers have utilized the information age as a tool to move product in greater and greater numbers. Unlike old-school “go to the store and read the fine print” practices, however, home shopping, be it via television or internet, has often been avoided by the most critical consumers, especially environmentalists. Now, thanks to a groundbreaking local company, Domain Earth, a complete spectrum of products for home and personal health have been carefully screened by experts and are available for distribution via the company’s website. Founded by a group of environmentally conscious marketing and information technology professionals, Domain Earth was designed as a consumer’s resource for personal and planetary health. It’s comprehensive website includes everything from tips for a safer, less-toxic home environment and holistic health links and information to up-to-date information and links on environmental issues. The site also serves as a distributor of reasonably priced, high quality vitamins and supplements, naturally derived cleaning supplies and personal care products, recycled and “tree-free” papers and office products, “green” gifts, and more. Users of Domain Earth can enjoy the conveniences of home shopping via the internet while avoiding the “questionable product” factor. Hopefully Domain Earth will set a standard for the Web-oriented consumer product “gatekeeper and distribution” sites that are sure to follow. In this case, the medium establishes a new standard in natural health and environmental marketing with economies and distribution only possible via the internet. Domain Earth also goes the extra step and contributes a portion of their profits to environmental organizations. This new application that the creators of Domain Earth have found for the internet is a prime example of how the still-growing web can be utilized creatively and positively to benefit both consumers and distributors of quality products. The Domain Earth website can be accessed at: www.domainearth.com

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