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Film Garden Entertainment to Offer No-Cost Documentaries to Charities

North Hollywood-based Film Garden Entertainment has announced The Greenhouse at Film Garden, a program that produces documentaries at no cost to non-profit charitable organization by utilizing the talents of aspiring filmmakers. The participating filmmakers get hands-on experience, mentoring and an opportunity to showcase their work, while participating charities receive documentaries to use or fundraising and community outreach. The Greenhouse selects aspiring filmmakers based on their passion for commitment to documentary production. Each filmmaker is paired with a non-profit that will be the subject on their short documentary, and an industry veteran who will serve as mentor throughout the process. The filmmakers attend a series of intensive workshops that cover each stage of documentary production, from pre-production through videography, writing and editing. Film Garden has produced more than 600 non-fiction programs for television over the past 11 years.

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