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Focus on Pacoima Improvements Appreciated

Focus on Pacoima Improvements Appreciated I have worked as executive director of MEND in Pacoima since 1987, and have witnessed numerous positive changes in this community over the years, the results of the hard work of many residents and activists. The transforming of Van Nuys Blvd. in recent years under the guidance of Becky Villasenor and Pacoima Partners has been amazing and incredibly encouraging (“Special Report: Remaking the Valley,” Sept. 13). This is especially true for those of us who work in agencies like MEND where we are face to face with impoverished families living in garages and shacks and trailers in the alleys and side streets of this part of the Valley. How wonderful for these “poorest of the poor” to walk onto a boulevard that brings beauty and dignity and a sense of pride to an otherwise drab and humiliating existence. Thank you so much for highlighting Pacoima Partners’ work in your “Remaking the Valley” articles and for giving much-deserved credit to Becky. I was also pleased to see her featured in “The Players” article. Pacoima so often gets negative press coverage, that it was delightful to have our community presented in such a positive way. Marianne Haver Hill Executive Director, MEND Pacoima

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