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Valley forum Accountants say more individuals than ever are using the services of a CPA to file their 1997 taxes. The reason? The Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 has brought many changes in tax guidelines and made filing returns more complicated. With the April 15th deadline approaching, the San Fernando Valley Business Journal asks: Have You Done Your Taxes Yet? Brian Gourlay Partner Soloman Ross Grey and Co. Encino I did my taxes in February. But I owe money so I haven’t sent them in yet. The return is complete. Accountants usually get their returns in right away or wait for the season to end. Most accountants file extensions. I like to get it out of the way. Sean McCarthy Assistant Director of Public Affairs and Communications Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority Burbank I mailed my taxes in at the end of January. My wife is very efficient. Getting your tax return filed early leaves you with a very good feeling, because at least you know what you owe. Richard Simon McDermott, Will & Emery Los Angeles Of course not, has anybody? I am lazy. I do that at the very last minute, usually after one extension. I leave it all up to my accountant. I am into denial. Bob Scott Vice Chairman Valley Industry and Commerce Association Woodland Hills No, I have not done my taxes yet. I usually delay it until later in the year, so I can plan my strategy. Then I have more of a retrospective. Mike Grobstein Partner Grobstein, Horwath & Co. LLP Sherman Oaks Is this a joke question? I know of no accountant who has their taxes done by now. Certainly not any of the 12 partners at our firm. People like me know what our tax obligation is at the end of the year and file our taxes sometime between April 15 and October 15. You can get two three-month extensions. Allan Katcher Owner Allan Katcher International Inc. Van Nuys Sure. We just hand them over to our CPA and they’re done. I’m speaking of my personal as well as business taxes. David Flamer Lasher, Flamer & Associates The answer is no. Since I prepare tax returns for my clients, mine comes last. I usually get it done in October. I used to get it done earlier seven or eight years ago, before I was a partner with the firm and before I was married and had a family.

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