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forumadd/cw1st/mike2nd Rosemarie Wolff President Royal Staffing Services I’m optimistic about the new year because I feel our business, the temporary staffing business, will continue to grow because it’s frequently project-driven. The companies will still hire temporary personnel to complete their projects. I don’t think there will be a tremendous cutback in the information-technology area because of the Y2K problem. Steve Ustin Western Bagel Baking Corp. I’m very optimistic. I think the economy is strong in Southern California. Obviously, our business people still have to eat. California is the last to get into the recession and the last to come out, but we have a good year ahead of us. Kathie Mathis Executive Director Women’s Care Cottage As far as the economic structure goes, I’m optimistic that this year will be equally stable as last year. The Clinton thing might shift the balance a bit. It will definitely have an impact. As far as the homeless issues go, I think there’s still not enough being done.

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