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forum/jb/1stjc/mark2nd PHOTOS WITH NASH, HAZZARD. Launched in 1994 in the aftermath of the Northridge earthquake, the Valley Economic Alliance is charged with attracting and retaining business in the San Fernando Valley. One of its missions under new executive director Bill Allen is to change the public perception of the Valley. The Business Journal asks: What must the Valley Economic Alliance do to improve the Valley’s image? Larry Hazzard Senior Vice President Carter-Burgess “The implementation of light-rail transit through the Valley right down Ventura Boulevard would really do a lot to enhance the image. It would encourage redevelopment and businesses. And, most importantly, it would encourage people to work and shop in the Valley.” William A. Shroeder Bank of Granada Hills “They need to cut some red tape. In particular, zoning requirements are extremely stringent within the city of Los Angeles. We’ve had a problem trying to sell one of our properties. We’re selling a property that was formerly an auto repair center, and the buyers we have lined up want to keep the same use on the property. But at the last minute we found out that (the city) wants a completely different use there. There are other examples, but the end result is that the city needs to make things easier to understand and communicate more. (And that’s) one way to change the image.” James Kellingsworth Senior Vice President All-Pro Sports Inc. “I think a number of things need to get across in order to reshape the Valley’s image. I’ve lived here 28 years, and consider this to be my home even though I wasn’t born here. First off, we need a better airport either in Burbank or Van Nuys. This will right off the bat establish the Valley as its own entity, its own center of commerce. I also think that government should come to the help of the small businessman we’re already burdened with more rules and regulations than we know what to do with. I’d also like to see the Lakers move here, but I don’t think that’s about to happen.” Sandra Dropple Vice President Tunster/Lloyd Associates “Just drive around some of the streets in the San Fernando Valley and it becomes pretty obvious the VEA should push for more redevelopment. Los Angeles is the major government out here, but there are also smaller cities like Burbank. I think redeveloping some of our neighborhoods and shopping districts will go a long way in convincing people to visit the Valley. They are already making Ventura Boulevard better, but why should it stop there? I think even taxpayers would foot some of the bill if they knew it was going to directly impact the way their neighborhood looks.” Gela Nash Co-Owner Juicy “We work out of a business park in Arleta. What I’d like to see in these areas is more restaurants. People that come out here to work do it because they are close to their customers, and because space is cheap. But, we need a Starbucks or a Coco’s or anything out here. So, business groups should really focus on something like that.”

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