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Get Rid of ATM Surcharges?

Valley Forum A move by Santa Monica to ban surcharges on the use of bank ATMs by non-customers has sparked a legal battle over whether the new law qualifies as a consumer protection measure. So the San Fernando Valley Business Journal asks: Should cities outlaw ATM surcharges? Carol Amenta President and Chief Executive Woodland Hills Chamber of Commerce This is probably not a real popular opinion. But I’m a business person, and when I’m using (another) bank and it’s providing me a service, I don’t mind paying a minimal fee. My only concern is that my bank also charges me. They shouldn’t be charging me when I use the ATM of (another bank). But if it’s a minimal fee from a bank ATM that’s not mine, that’s fine. Mario Ledesma Salesman REX Printing I think (government) should ban surcharges. It’s an inconvenience. Then when you get your statement, there are all these charges for using other ATMs and it adds up. I hate it. Most of the time, I try to use the ATM at my own bank. But sometimes I have to go somewhere else, and I don’t like paying the charges. They really should ban them. Kimberly Hartwig Store Manager Love Boutique I definitely think they should stop banks from charging fees. I think (the ban) is good, and I think it’s time they stop taking our money for holding our money. They already charge enough fees. I don’t use an ATM because of the fees and because it’s not safe. Joe Marine Manager St. George Motor Inn I think the ban is probably a good idea. I think banks make plenty of money. I use ATMs, but the fees get pretty expensive. If you take out $20 and you have to pay $1.50 or $3 in fees, it starts to add up. Janet Van Druff Counselor Of course. It’s ridiculous how much we have to pay. Why should I have to pay more in fees? The banks are making enough off me as it is. I think the fees should be banned. Joel Schnur Owner Corporation Makers Inc. I don’t think cities have any authority to ban the fees. I usually use my own bank’s ATM because they’re all over the place and I try to avoid the double charge. But I don’t think cities have a right to regulate banks. Banks are entitled to make a buck and if a non-customer is using their ATM, they should be able to charge a fee.

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