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Hed: Terms of Deregulation Precede: The utility business is filled with jargon. Here is a glossary to help decode the language. California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE): A program of lower electric rates for those with limited incomes. California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC): The agency that regulates the electric utility industry and is overseeing the industry’s changes. Competition Transition Charge (CTC): A regrouping of some generation-related costs that long have been part of electric bills in California. Electric Service Provider (ESP): The company or organization that provides electricity from a variety of generation sources. Generation: The actual creation of electricity. Public Purpose Program Charge: A charge Californians pay for social and environmental programs. Slamming: The switching of a customer’s electric service provider without the consumer’s knowledge or consent. Transmission: The conveying of electricity from generation sources to local distribution wires. Utility Distribution Company: The new name for the local utility company. Source: Electric Education Call Center

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