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Greuel Wants Tougher ‘Anti-Mansionization’ Ordinance

Second District City Councilwoman Wendy Greuel has introduced a plan to strengthen the so-called “anti-mansionization” ordinance in Sunland and Tujunga. Greuel has introduced a motion to include attic space in the calculations for properties subject to the anti-mansionization ordinance and boost the city’s ability to prosecute fraudulent permit applications. Another Greuel motion would protect native plants from being uprooted. The move was prompted by a Tujunga homeowner who allegedly tried to skirt a 2005 ordinance that limits the size of homes in the Tujunga and Sunland areas by claiming a second floor area was an attic in permits. The homeowner also cut the roots of protected plants during construction, Greuel’s office said.

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