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Growth’ Aids Firm’s Move To Inc. 500

Chatsworth-based One Stop Shop has made for the first time Inc. 500’s list of the 500 fastest growing companies in the country partly a credit to the influence of personal growth coaches, according to its president and CEO Marx Acosta-Rubio. The company ranks No. 383 on the magazine’s recently published list. Also making the list from the Valley are Canoga Park’s DSL Extreme, which was ranked at No. 13, with a staggering four/five year average annual sales growth of 1,214.5 percent. Chatsworth’s Millennium Rugs finished at 115, with annual growth of 258.5 percent, while Glendale’s Red Peacock International placed 164 with 202.5 percent growth. Calabasas’ iHomeowners came in at 389 with 94.2 percent annual growth, followed by La Crescenta’s Pacific Pavingstone (403, 92 percent growth), Chatsworth’s Micro Solutions Enterprises (453, 82 percent growth), and Topaz Systems (500, 73.4 percent growth). Acosta-Rubio’s six-year-old computer and peripheral supply company had a four/five year average annual sales growth of 96.4 percent. In addition to growth coaches, Acosta-Rubio attributed the business’ success to concentrating on providing superior customer service and a hard-working and focused staff. “Customer service at most companies is dismal at best. We create a service that not only anticipates our clients’ needs but allows them to do their jobs better,” Acosta-Rubio said. “We truly love our clients and care about them a ton. We call them consistently and care how successful they are. We treat our employees well. We want them to be here forever.” Starting the company with only $70,000 of seed money from his mother’s life savings, the enterprising Acosta-Rubio parlayed that cash into $5.8 million in revenue last year. In 2004, One Stop Shop is expected to gross more than $7 million, he said. Acosta-Rubio chalks up such exponential growth to the company’s ability to maintain a satisfied customer base while continually reaching out to new clients. “I think the company has been successful because of the type of business that (Acosta-Rubio) runs and the type of person that he is. They won’t pressure you into anything,” One Stop Shop customer Jarrod Stabnow said. “They respect the customers and really get to know them on a personal level. The customer service speaks for itself. It doesn’t surprise me one bit that they were named to the Inc. list. If you do what they do it’s bound to pay off.” In order to ensure consistent customer service and company achievement, Acosta-Rubio has implemented a rigorous training program to initiate employees into the One Stop Shop world. Upon hiring, each employee finds himself memorizing a labyrinth of flow-charts, metrics, and company by-laws. Additionally, Acosta-Rubio has encouraged the use of personal growth coaches to stimulate a positive mental attitude. “What has made our company so unique is implanting our beliefs and philosophy into our existing representatives. The biggest thing to teach is how to properly deal with another individual over the phone,” Acosta-Rubio said. “We’re also huge on personal growth coaches. Personal growth is the engine that drives One Stop Shop. In order for the business to improve, we have to improve ourselves. We never point the finger at anyone. We don’t make it mandatory but everyone here is into it. They constantly read books and listen to tapes and CDs.” Scanning around One Stop Shop’s cubicle-laced office, one notices smiling employees and a loose banter between boss and co-workers. A team environment pervades the atmosphere. “We have a completely different philosophy than most other companies. We really try to build client relationships so that they’re more than just business,” One Stop Shop account representative Mike Oranksy said. Acosta-Rubio’s attempt to foster a family environment in the workplace has paid off in the form of dollars and cents. But the owner says it’s more than that. “Winning the award was awesome, it was a goal I’ve had since starting the company. But probably the best feeling I got from it came when I told the office about the award. Everyone got extremely exuberant and ecstatic. We were very proud,” Acosta-Rubio said.

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