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Hallmark Channel Re-brands

Studio City-based Hallmark Channel is launching a new brand identity for the six-year-old network. The channel will now use the theme “Make Yourself at Home” and add new music, graphics and color scheme. The updated scheme, which has already been teased through a series of commercials on the network, officially launches March 1. In a statement, Hallmark Channel President and CEO Henry Schleiff said the re-branding would help the network remain connected to its core values. “I have long believed a network derives its brand and personality, in part, from its interstitial programming and the other original aspects that the viewer sees between shows,” he said. “This campaign perfectly reflects the best the very best of the Hallmark brand.” It is the first re-branding of the channel since it launched in 2001. Its current tagline is “Where Great Stories Come to Life.”

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