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IRIS Subsidiary Awarded $100,000 Research Grant

Advanced Digital Imaging Research, LLC has been awarded a $100,000 grant from the National Institutes of Health for “Low Cost Automated Urinalysis Using Spectral Data.” With the Small Business Innovative Research Phase 1 grant, ADIR will attempt to develop improved techniques that will allow its parent company, IRIS International Inc., to identify particles present in urine samples with improved precision. IRIS’s urinalysis systems and medical devices are used in hospitals and reference clinical laboratories worldwide. “The success of our iQ200 product platform is due, in large part, to its accuracy in identifying particles in the urine,” said Cesar Garcia, President and Chief Executive Officer of IRIS. “This grant-supported project could lead to a major improvement in our ability to discriminate among subtly different particles, thus providing the clinician with even more useful information, and may result in lower cost product implementations. It underscores the important role that ADIR plays in our Company.”

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