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Italian Broadcaster Taps Burbank Firm for Software

Italian broadcaster Teletutto has acquired software made by a Burbank company to automate its scheduling and billing operations. The software developed by Xytech Systems Corp. provides Teletutto with a completed end-to-end workflow package, including integrated schedules of people, rooms, and equipment as well as all financial aspects of the performed media work. Teletutto provides news, sports, and current affairs programming to over three million viewers in he Lombardia region of Italy. The robustness of Xytech’s software was the ideal solution for the broadcaster for its scheduling and billing requirements, said Ian Tootell, head of business development at Xytech’s London office. “It was an interesting challenge to satisfy the multiple needs of Teletutto as a leading-edge broadcaster with several intertwined companies under one roof,” Tootell said in a statement.

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