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Job Hunters Prefer Laptops to Company Cars

A survey of 994 job hunters indicates that far more of them are hoping that employers will offer laptops and other technology over the use of company cars. Seventy seven percent of respondents were hoping for laptops, while only 28 percent wanted company cars. “A company car is a nice perk but it really doesn’t do anything for one’s career,” said Judy Kneisly, senior vice president and general manager of global career management services company Lee Hecht Harrison’s Woodland Hills office. “Today’s job seekers are much more interested in programs and benefits that will enhance their professional capabilities and allow them more flexibility in terms of when and how they work.” Kneisly said in a news release that job seekers started to steer away from perks to desire more pragmatic benefits starting in 2003, while in the late 90s benefits like health club memberships were at the top of everyone’s wish list.

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