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Judge Blocks Living Wage

A Los Angeles Superior Court Judge has temporarily halted a city measure to extend the living ordinance to hotel workers near Los Angeles International Airport. Judge Dzintra Janavs stopped the ordinance Wednesday after several hotels near LAX filed a petition to overturn the ordinance, which was scheduled to become effective April 1. The suit contends the city violated state election laws and the right to referendum by offering a second bill too similar to the original measure. The ordinance, approved by City Council earlier this year, would force hotel owners along Century Boulevard to pay $9.39 an hour to workers with health insurance, or $10.64 an hour to those without health benefits. Janavs stayed the ordinance until May 11, when she will hear the case. Janavs made news last year when she ruled against Mayor Antonio’s bid to increase his control of the Los Angeles Unified School District.

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