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K-Swiss Prevails in Trademark Infringement Suit

K-Swiss coffers will swell when it receives the $30 million settlement agreed to by Collective Brands Inc. The Topeka, Kan.-based company operating the Payless and Stride-Rite stores was accused of trademark infringement by K-Swiss, headquartered in Westlake Village. While not admitting wrongdoing, Collective did agree to “refrain from making, advertising, promoting or selling footwear confusingly similar to that sold by K-Swiss,” according to a statement released by the company. Last month, Collective was ordered by a jury to pay $305 million to Adidas in another trademark infringement lawsuit. The company is appealing the amount of that award. K-Swiss stock (NASDAQ:KSWS) took a step up on the news, adding $0.13 per share to close at $14.97.

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