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Learning From Santa Clarita Valley Neighbors

Some of this issue of the San FernandoValley Business Journal is devoted to the economy of the Santa Clarita Valley. We discuss development of that valley and the business leaders there. Why such a focus? Easy answer here. The Santa Clarita Valley and the San Fernando Valley are linked economically. In fact, all of the northern valleys of suburban Los Angeles which make up most of this newspaper? circulation area are linked. I have friends in Santa Clarita, you have friends in Santa Clarita. Some of us work in Santa Clarita and live in the San Fernando Valley and vice versa. Santa Clarita has grown greatly over the past 30 years and has become a huge economic engine for our region with not only traditional manufacturing and service industries but also cutting edge companies in technology and biotech. You see some of these companies in this issue as we feature some of the best work by companies and people in Santa Clarita. The San Fernando Valley can learn much from the Santa Clarita Valley in such things as: ?Orderly growth. Starting off basically as a planned community probably nowhere can you find a more orderly city. Commercial areas have been planned and growth has been steady. Same with residential. ?Economic plans. As you read in this issue, there are two economic development efforts underway in Santa Clarita right now, one with the city and another led by a group of civic and business leaders. They feel there can? be too many people involved in steering the city through the economic downturn. The groups seem to be working together, too. ?Business-friendly attitude: Santa Clarita has been a place over the years where businesses from both out of state and Los Angeles have gone because the city recognizes the value businesses bring to its economy and it has helped them grow through sensible tax strategies and orderly development of land. They work hard to attract filming. Santa Clarita? not perfect, traffic has gotten worse for instance, and the area is not shielded by the current downturn. And, yes, the San Fernando Valley must deal with the City of Los Angeles in such matters and the size of that entity makes it tough to compare the two areas. But other places can learn from how Santa Clarita business leaders work and how they focus intently on growing a successful, livable community. Business Journal Editor Jason Schaff can be reached at (818) 316-3125 or at editor@sfvbj.com

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