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SCRA Not an Obstacle While your article on new development along the “seamier section” of Ventura Boulevard in Studio City (“Hidden Ace on Ventura,” March 22) accurately portrays the Studio City Residents Association (SCRA) as a powerful residents group wielding influence on Studio City projects, it is inaccurate in its portrayal of the SCRA as an obstacle to progress. In fact, the SCRA is in the forefront of promoting reasonable business expansion of all types, as evidenced by our support of many projects over the years, including projects in the area highlighted in your article. The Studio City Residents Association believes that a strong business community supports a quality residential area and vice-versa. While we arc tough negotiators striving for quality in every project that comes before us, one need only take a look at the clean and thriving Studio City community to see the results of these efforts. TONY LUCENTE President Studio City Residents Association

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