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VALLEY/LETTER/1stjc/mark2nd Alliance for Progress We read with much amazement your April editorial, “Too Many Voices,” criticizing the business community of the San Fernando Valley for forming “too many organizations all doing pretty much the same thing,” and then questioning the need for the Economic Alliance of the San Fernando Valley. Each of the Valley’s business support organizations which you cited has a well-defined, well-established and unique focus. They are not, as you suggest, “all doing pretty much the same thing.” The United Chambers of Commerce is a forum for the 22 local chambers which represent the businesses within each of our individual Valley communities. VICA is a regional advocacy organization serving to articulate business’ agenda to elected officials. VEDC provides management and technical assistance, training and financing to small businesses. The Small Manufacturers Association is a broad-based industrial coalition representing more than 1,000 small manufacturers. These organizations make up the Economic Alliance. Because each organization does distinctly different things, we felt the need to create our Alliance, to collectively join together to promote and build economic activity throughout the Valley. The Alliance provides us with the best forum for collaborative strategic planning and the development of consensus for the greater Valley’s economic future. Of all of L.A.’s publications, it is perplexing that the San Fernando Valley Business Journal, which suggests a specific understanding of and working relationship with the Valley, apparently does not grasp this reality. The Economic Alliance is not just another member of the chorus another voice in a crowded cacophony of voices, as your editorial would imply. It is rather the choir director, engaged in harmonizing all of the existing voices into one chorus to sing our Valley’s praises and improve our overall business climate so that the Valley can lake its rightful place as a leading player in our global economy. As its name implies, the Alliance was created to coalesce these business organizations and the five vibrant cities that make up our trade area into a true partnership for progress. BILL ALLEN President Economic Alliance GARY THOMAS United Chambers BONNIE HERMAN President Valley Industry and Commerce Association JOHN ROONEY Valley Economic Development Center DAVID GOODREAU President Small Manufacturers Association

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