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Education, Not Golf I have only recently become aware of a proposal to convert Pierce College into a golf course. To convert 239 acres of the world’s finest growing land into a golf course is emblematic of what has happened to the spirit of learning and progress in this country. It also flies in the face of some realities of which the trustees of Pierce College should be aware. One of the greatest advances by man since the industrial revolution is the biotechnical explosion, which followed the discovery of the genome. Scientific and economic progress, the well-being of man and the feeding of his economy will be influenced almost miraculously by what comes out of the laboratories dealing with DNA. With that in mind, Pierce College should concentrate on training budding scientists to improve agriculture and animal husbandry for the world. To destroy these opportunities merely to play golf is a sub-par idea. Serious people should never allow it to occur. JOSEPH G. HURLEY North Hollywood

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