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Health Care Plan We are enjoying one of the greatest economic expansions of this century, with more Americans working in good jobs than ever before. But the booming economy has done little to reduce the number of American workers who do not have health insurance. Despite being a policy priority for both parties, there are now more than 43 million Americans without health coverage – an increase of 20 percent in the past six years. These are not deadbeats. Mostly, they are working Americans whose employers do not provide health plans and who do not make enough money to buy private insurance. Rep. Jim McDermott, D-Washington, and I have a plan that will go a long way toward addressing their needs. We propose giving workers, including the self-employed who do not have employer-sponsored health coverage, the same tax preference extended to those who get health coverage as part of their job. Our bill will offer those workers a tax credit worth 30 percent of the cost of their health-insurance premiums. By adopting this credit, Congress can end the government’s discrimination through the tax code of workers who do have this employee benefit. REP. JAMES ROGAN R-Glendale

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