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Letter Boyd

l-boyd/dt1st Construction Center Costs In regard to Lee Kanon Alpert’s commentary of Jan. 11 (“Criticism of New Construction Center Is Misguided”), all I can say is that Lee Alpert should work in Washington! According to Mr. Alpert, “Trust fund money is designated for service center upgrades only. If the city did not make the repairs to the Valley Center, the money would have been spent on a service center outside the Valley.” This was his response to justified criticisms of almost a half a million dollars spent on a Construction Service Center with no increase in construction service! Well, the money’s there, if we don’t spend it, someone else will. This is the same mindset that brought us the $3,000 toilet seat. Ask the contractors who go to pull permits each day if they think we got our half-million dollars worth. DANIEL J. BOYD President Boyd & Associates North Hollywood

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