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LETTER – Hoffman Offices Open

LETTER Hoffman Offices Open I wanted to thank you for the recognition you have given Hoffman Video Systems by selecting us as the Valley’s Most Improved Company in your Best Companies in the Valley Special Report on June 23. We are honored to have been selected. Our employees, clients and suppliers deserve the credit hard work and loyalty were the key ingredients in our recipe for success. The article (“Glendale Firm Learns Lesson From Trip Into Bankruptcy,” June 23) was also greatly appreciated. But we need to correct one item that appears in the text to clear up any potential confusion with our customers. The article states that “the three ancillary offices were immediately closed,” which is not correct and we fear may mislead some customers. I apologize if we were somehow unclear about how we consolidated our business, but we only ceased operations in our Northern California facility. In fact, both our Denver and Atlanta offices are full-service facilities where we handle sales, design, engineering and service. We have been experiencing tremendous growth in each of these markets in recent months, necessitating the hiring of new staff in both locations. Further, Hoffman maintains sales offices in Orange County, the Inland Valley, the Central Coast and Toronto, Canada, giving us a significant national presence. A clarification of this last point in an upcoming edition would be greatly appreciated as many of our customers may find the statement in your article confusing. Or even worse, it could hinder the prospect of our doing business with companies with a presence in either of those markets. Thank you again for recognizing our company. We are very proud to be an honoree. Rob Shepherd President and COO Hoffman Video Systems

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