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Letter Hudson

l-hudson/dt1st/mark2nd No Cause for Concern After reading your article in the July 12 edition (“A New Wave of Space”), I was disappointed to see the negative quote attributed to me when in fact I was one of the brokers stating that there is less call for concern (about a glut of office space in the West Valley) because of the market dynamics, product timing, and differing property types. In fact, I made it abundantly clear that my comments regarding the market in general and Warner Center Properties in particular should reflect a continued positive attitude on my part because of our ongoing success. I would also like to point out that while we achieved effective rental rate increases of over 10 percent last year, we have already experienced another 10 percent increase in the first half of 1999 and additional increases are planned because of continued strong demand. DONALD W. HUDSON JR. Senior Vice President, Director of Leasing Warner Center Properties

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