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Letter Katz

letter/dt1st/mark2nd Charter Reform Critical Some people complain that they do not know what charter reform is all about, and I know they speak for a very large group. Yet the appointed committee held seven open houses and the elected commission held an all-day session at the Convention Center. All the papers in L.A. have written extensively on the subject. To those who haven’t followed the process, I suggest they call (213) 367-5234 and ask for a copy of “write history, right future.” This excellent booklet explains the subject and is a quick read. Thirty-seven commissioners and their families have made an enormous sacrifice over the last couple of years as they worked on a new charter. Hundreds of citizens have also spent a great deal of time working on this matter. Now the question is, can the 37 commissioners rise above their own agendas, the agendas of the mayor, the council, the unions, the homeowners, the business community, etc., and compromise to come up with one new charter to put on the ballot? The business community has a very large stake in making sure there is charter reform. A new charter will have a major impact on the profits of every business in Los Angeles, even if they have nothing to do directly with the government, and they do not understand how they can be impacted. HAROLD L. KATZ Chairman, Transportation and Planning Committee Los Angeles Business Council

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