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Some Valley Data Available I read with interest Christopher Woodard’s article “Valley Data Tough to Come By” in the Jan. 11-24 issue. Fortunately, not all government agencies have been asleep at the wheel when it comes to analyzing the economic impact of the San Fernando Valley. Last year, I released a study on taxable sales data compiled by the State Board of Equalization which compared taxable sales data for the Son Fernando Valley portion of the City of Los Angeles with taxable sales data for the entire city. The discussion of this study began under my predecessor Brad Sherman and was requested by my office. The study showed that the San Fernando Valley is an economic powerhouse to be reckoned with. The survey, based on 1996 data, indicated that the Valley generated $10.4 billion in taxable sales. These figures represented 41 percent of the total taxable sales for the city of Los Angeles as a whole, which were $24.9 billion in 1996. I am encouraged that Cal State Northridge has set up a San Fernando Valley Research Center to study economic trends in the Valley. Their work, along with the work of others, will contribute valuable knowledge to the city. JOHN CHIANG Member, State Board of Equalization

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