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Magic Mountain President Says Efforts Paying Off

Magic Mountain President Jay Thomas told members of the Santa Clarita business community that efforts to clean up the park and make it a more family friendly place have paid off in the past year. “We’re back,” Thomas told a meeting of the Valley Industrial Association on Tuesday. He said the park has also re-established its ties to the community by becoming actively involved in supporting organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club. The park, which Thomas said briefly entertained a purchase bid but is no longer for sale, had struggled with a declining reputation and was known for roaming gangs and other activities that kept many families away. But upon Thomas’ assuming his position in 2007, a reorganization of the way the park is run was undertaken and strict rules were posted. Thomas said now smoking, line-cutting, bathing suits and profanity are forbidden at the park. “I have no problem with my wife and son being there,” Thomas said. He added that 300 separate business units were set up throughout the park to give employees more accountability about the way the park is run. Thomas said that each of these units is responsible for their particular area of the park and for “making a difference” in some way for each guest during their visit to the park. Thomas said that because of the changes employee morale is up (this year 14,000 people applied for 2,500 positions), there is better park conduct, guest satisfaction scores are up and applications for season passes are up 14 percent.

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