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Mattel Seeks $1.8 Billion From MGA In Bratz Case

Mattel Inc. seeks $1 billion in profits that MGA Entertainment Inc. has made from its popular line of Bratz dolls. In addition, the toymaker wants $800 million from MGA CEO Isaac Larian for his role in aiding a former Mattel designer who came up with the concept drawings for the Bratz lines while still employed at Mattel, the Associated Press reported. In July, a federal jury ruled against MGA in a copyright infringement case, stating that designer Carter Bryant had come up with the Bratz concept while still a Mattel employee. In court on Aug. 20, lawyers for the two companies gave their closing statements in the damages portion of the case. MGA attorney Thomas Nolan told the jury that it needed to distinguish between the concept drawings and the final product and that MGA had altered the look of the Bratz dolls over the years, AP reported.

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