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MGA Loses Move For Mistrial

A federal judge ruled that a racial slur by a juror was not cause to declare a mistrial in the lawsuit between MGA Entertainment and Mattel Inc. In rejecting a motion by MGA for a mistrial, U.S. District Judge Stephen Larson came near the end of deliberations, after the jurors had already decided on all key points, the Los Angeles Times reported. The woman juror, who was later dismissed, made racial comments against Iranians and that they were “stubborn, rude” and “thieves.” Van Nuys-based MGA Entertainment’s CEO Isaac Larian is of Iranian descent. The jury ruled in Mattel’s favor in its lawsuit that MGA and Larian had aided and abetted a Mattel employee who came up with the design of the popular and lucrative Bratz line of dolls in violation of the employee’s contract. With the mistrial motion decided, the case now moves on to the damages phase.

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