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Mosher Honored By ID Association

Precision Dynamics co-founder and chief technology officer Walter Mosher was inducted into the ID People Award’s Hall of Fame during the ID World International Congress in Milan, Italy. Mosher was recognized as one of the outstanding individuals epitomizing the spirit of enterprise and leadership in the Auto ID industry at the event on Nov. 28. Mosher, a graduate of Glendale Community College and UCLA, founded Precision Dynamics in 1956 with three investors. The company is one of the largest manufacturers in the San Fernando Valley and a leader in designing, manufacturing and distributing identification band systems primarily for the medical and hospitality industries. During his years with the company, Mosher helped develop product innovations including the first single-piece hospital wristband, bar code wristbands, and patented Smart Band radio frequency identification wristbands. Precision Dynamics employs 500 people in both San Fernando and Mexico facilities The Auto ID International Congress is the annual world summit on automatic identification technology. Mark R. Madler

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