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Motion Filed to Give Neighborhood Councils Appeal Power

The Los Angeles city attorney’s office is examining the feasibility of a city council motion that would give neighborhood councils the right to appeal some entitlement requests in their areas. The motion filed by Second District Councilwoman Wendy Greuel and Fifth District Councilman Jack Weiss would amend the Los Angeles Municipal Code to allow the councils the right to review tentative tract maps, parcel maps, specific plan exceptions, conditional use permits and variances. Currently only city agencies, the city council and mayor have rights to appeal. The city attorney is looking into the possible change with action scheduled by next month. Greuel spokesman Ben Golombek said the councilwoman signed onto Weiss’ motion in hopes it will clarify the role of neighborhood councils in planning issues. “She believes legal clarification of this issue is necessary in order to more efficiently conduct city business,” he said. Los Angeles currently has about 90 neighborhood councils. The community-specific boards, creating after the 1999 city charter reform, act as liaisons to city government.

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