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NBC, News Corp. to Compete with YouTube

In a direct challenge to the dominance of YouTube, NBC Universal and News Corp. have formed a joint venture and plan to launch a free-distribution video network this summer. AOL, MSN, Yahoo! and News Corp.-owned MySpace would be the site’s initial distribution partners. The site would offer free long- and short-form video and full episodes and clips from current hit shows “The Simpsons,” “24,” “Heroes,” and “My Name is Earl.” Charter advertisers include General Motors, Cadbury Schweppes, Cisco, Esurance, and Intel. The new site “supercharges” NBC’s distribution of protected, quality content to fans, said NBC Universal President and CEO Jeff Zucker, in a statement. “Consumers get a hugely attractive aggregation of a wide range of content, and marketers get a novel way to connect with a large and highly engaged audience,” Zucker said. ,Mark R. Madler

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