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Networking Tips

Networking Tips Set a Meeting Call, email or write the person you need to meet, refer to the situation/place/person that brought you together. Set goals for the meeting. Relieve any tension by stressing that you did not request the meeting to ask for a job . Explain that you are making a change and you are here to explore ideas about your industry and your next career step. Networking Fears Many people hesitate to contact others for fear of imposing or asking for help. The reality: Most people are happy to do something for someone else if asked. The mistakes most candidates make is not preparing sufficiently for each meeting. Set the Agenda Concisely lay out what you want to discuss. (You can do this only if you have a clear idea of what you need to say and ask beforehand.) Be brief and stick to the point. Assure that the person clearly understands his/her role and explain how he/she can help you. ? Summarize your background and experience – what you say, should be similar to the summary statement on your resume. ? Discuss your new skills and relevant experience – describe some of your recent accomplishments and highlight those skills, strengths, and experiences to which you believe the contact` would be most responsive. Use examples. Make known your career goals and objectives. ? Foster dialogue – ask questions, and draw information from the contact . Get feedback on your job-search plan, objectives and updated resume. If the person mentions obstacles you might face in reaching your career goal, ask for advice on how to overcome them. If he or she can’t help you, ask for the name of someone who can (i.e. “Who do you think might be able to give me the information I need?”). ? Ask questions – prepare key questions in advance. The more specific, the better. After asking them, listen to the answers to ensure two-way communication. Acknowledge and respond to what the person is saying. By following his or her cues, you can determine what might be considered impressive. Observe carefully. If the contact shows signs of boredom or uneasiness, change the subject. Don’t Forget Thank the contact and make plans to meet again. Keep the contact aware of your future career moves and ask about their plans. This process of nurturing contacts will sustain and enhance your career.

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