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April 5-18, 1999 Volume 4, Number 7 On the Cover GOVERNMENT A bid by the San Fernando Valley to secede from L.A. appears to be gaining credibility and momentum. PUB Chicago Beer & Pizza is pushing into the San Fernando Valley for the first time, opening a microbrewery and restaurant called BJ’s. CONDOS Builders are shying away from condominium construction. The problem: sky-high insurance rates fueled by homeowner lawsuits. Up Front DEVELOPMENT Newhall Land & Farming Co. is ready to beat back legal challenges as it pushes forward with its new community. 5 TOURISM Valley leaders are demanding money from the city to promote tourism, but critics say a separate promotional campaign would be redundant. 6 NEWLAMP As L.A.’s marketing agency disbands, a new, smaller organization is forming to take its place. 7 POLITICS There’s almost sure to be a runoff in the hard-fought race for the Seventh District L.A. City Council seat. 8 RETAIL Harold Feldman opened a doll shop eight years ago for his daughter. Today the business is thriving thanks to the popularity of doll collecting. 8 GROWTH Agoura Hills’ commercial core is growing fast, despite the city’s plans to halt new residential growth. 9 TV Dolby Laboratories Inc. is positioned to capitalize on high-definition television. That is, if the technology catches on with the public. 10 DEFENSE L.A. is not benefiting much, economically, from the war in Kosovo, illustrating the area’s declining status as a defense-industry center. 12 BANK The failure of DD Westen Wear in Pacoima is symptomatic of the Community Development Bank’s troubled history. 13 Fast Track INTERNET In less than six months, Westlake Village-based NetZero has become the fastest growing Internet service provider ever. 16 Spotlight On UNIVERSAL CITY Despite what most would consider a great location, this community is in a state of transition, with many businesses struggling to hold on. 17 People C. WILLIAM GUY The founder and managing director of Cornerstone International Group offers job-hunting tips for executives on the move. 18 Columns & features Newsmakers 19 Strategies Columns & features Enterprise 22, Personal Finance 23, Econowatch 23 Real Estate Columns & features Real Estate Column 24

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