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Volume 4 Number 8 On the Cover POLITICS The defeat of the city’s police and fire bond measure may signal the San Fernando Valley’s readiness for a divorce from Los Angeles. REAL ESTATE Broker James Ashton has a reputation for landing top-dollar tenants for the properties he represents. How does he do it? RETAIL Sales continue to improve at the Fashion Square mall in Sherman Oaks, but some shoppers still don’t know it exists. Up Front ELECTION Mayor Richard Riordan has become an effective force in local politics now that he’s a lame duck. 5 BIOTECH Despite expectations that L.A. will become a major biotech center, it’s still a work in progress. 6 ENTERTAINMENT Lawmakers are scrambling to protect L.A.’s film industry from outside competition, but will new laws make a difference? 7 BANKING Wells Fargo, a distant third to BofA and Washington Mutual, is aiming its sights at small community banks. 8 FARMERS The San Fernando Valley’s hunger for fresh fruit and vegetables is boosting sales at the new Studio City Farmers Market. 9 Fast Track DINING Maria’s Italian Kitchen owes its fast-paced growth to a blend of Old World tradition and New World pragmatism. 18 Spotlight On North Hills City and business leaders are banding together to fight a drug-selling street gang that has tarnished the community’s reputation. 19 People VINCENT CITRINO The general manager of Fallbrook Mall is under pressure to reinvent the west Valley shopping center. The mall faces increased competition, not to mention a 35 percent vacancy rate. 20 Columns & features Newsmakers 21 STRATEGIES Columns & features Enterprise 22, Personal Finance 23, Econowatch 23 REAL ESTATE Columns & features Real Estate Column 24

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