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Nexsan Debuting Healthcare Archiving System

Nexsan Technologies will unveil a new archiving device for use by the healthcare industry, the company announced Thursday. The device will be made public at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society’s annual conference in New Orleans. Nexsan’s archiving appliance is a cost-effective alternative to tape and optical storage products that provides access to critical information on demand when needed. Woodland Hills-based Nexsan expects eager attendees at the convention to be looking for an archival system to meet the transition from paper records management to electronic storage retention system, said Vice President of Marketing Brendan Kinkade, in a statement. “The latest addition to our secure storage and archiving solutions has been tailor made to the exacting specifications of the healthcare industry and is designed to both protect important information as required by law as well as providing immediate accessibility that many other medical products fail to offer,” Kinkade said.

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