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North American Scientific Sells Prostate Line

North American Scientific Inc. will sell its prostate brachytherapy product line to Best Theratronics Ltd. in a deal worth $5 million. Items in the line include Prospera brachytherapy seeds, SurTRAK needles and strands and accessories used to treat prostate cancer. North American receives $2 million at the closing of the deal and the remaining $3 million paid in installments over the 12-month period following the closing. The TeamBest Family of Companies, which owns Best Theratronics, will manage the prostate brachytherapy business starting March 1 until the sale is completed. “This divestiture allows us to focus exclusively on our implantable ClearPathTM devices which were developed to optimize local radiation delivery for the treatment of breast cancer,” North American president and CEO John Rush stated. “We believe that a focused effort on this exciting women’s health opportunity will give us the best chance to deliver the shareholder value that we strive for.” Nadra Kareem

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