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Pajama-Clad Runner To Promote SnoreStop

Green Pharmaceuticals is at it again in unique ways to promote its chemical-free SnoreStop products. The Camarillo-based manufacturer won an online auction to have Greg Krause run the New York marathon wearing pajamas bearing a tag line I’m In Bed With SnoreStop the company will use in promotional capacities in the months ahead. Green’s $9,000 bid will be donated to the Macha Innovative Christian School in Macha, Zambia, an elementary school founded by Krause’s parents in 2005. Krause will wear pajamas designed not to interfere with his agility, mobility or health. The New York Marathon takes place Nov. 2. In 2005, Green garnered international coverage when the company won an E-bay auction to advertise on the forehead of entrepreneur Andrew Fischer.

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