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Palmdale Taking Over Airport Lease

The City of Palmdale will take over the lease of the terminal, parking lot and taxiways at Palmdale Airport. The city made the move after Los Angeles World Airports decided that it would no longer operate the airport or include it in plans to reduce air traffic at Los Angeles International Airport. Palmdale will welcome support from LAWA but the agency would have to be accountable and have a scaled back role, the Los Angeles Times reported. LAWA will not contest Palmdale taking over the lease. “If this is the direction they want to go, we won’t be an obstacle,” LAWA director Gina Marie Lindsey was quoted in the Times. “We will facilitate anything they want to do.” Palmdale will continue to pursue bringing scheduled commercial air service to the airport despite a spotty history of past efforts. United Airlines will stop its daily flights between the Antelope Valley airfield and San Francisco in December as the airline eliminates its least profitable routes.

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